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The Bodybuilder With the Biggest Arms' Death

The Bodybuilder With the Biggest Arms' Death

Bill Pettis, the man with the biggest arms in the world once had 23 1/2 inch biceps.

His Awards:

  • 1971: Pro Mr America - WBBG, 13th
  • 1972 Pro Mr World - WBBG, 5th
  • 1974 Mr Eastern America - WBBG, 5th
  • 1975 World Pro Championships - IFBB, HeavyWeight, 3rd
He lived off the Olympics and ‘the biggest arms in the world’ rep for years,” a longtime friend says. “Bill didn’t want to work hard enough or expand his horizons.

His Humility Caused his Downfall

The tragic headline on September 29th, 2016 read:

Bill Pettis, bodybuilder and Muscle Beach icon, found dead in Pennsylvania
— spcr.org September 29 2016

And Rich Piana reminded us of his death via Youtube Today.

He was known to train his arms up to 6 hours a day. He was obsessed with arms. You know, he had a great physique overall, but his arms really were the standout body part.
He was known to eat 40 eggs. 20 in the morning and 20 at night. He was definitely dedicated.

Pettis was known to be a symbolic figure at Venice Beach and loved by fellow bodybuilders.

A screen capture of an interview with Bill Pettis at Venice beach uploaded in September 2012

Bill Pettis was one of my favorite training partners. He had the biggest arms I’ve ever seen but more importantly, he had the biggest heart. I’m going to miss him,
— Arnold Swhcarzenegger inverview

Pettis was allegedly homeless but had family in Pennsylvania who wanted him to come home. But he never made it.

Pettis was found with a tin box he carried at the time of his death. In the box was a picture of him and Arnold. He was also wearing Gold's Gym Venice Beach muscle shirt, laying dead in a creek: narrow, sheltered waterway on Wednesday night, September 21st. May he rest in peace.

Photo found on Bill Pettis

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