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John Cena Rocks a 611lb Squat Personal Record

John Cena Rocks a 611lb Squat Personal Record

The Biggest Name In The WWE Is A Freaking Beast

The wrestlers of today are treated almost like a modern-day freak-show, and it’s no surprise to see that John Cena—the poster child of World Wrestling Entertainment—is no exception to the spectacle.

Footage has resurfaced of the WWE’s biggest and best bruiser bulldozing his way to a 611lb (277kg) back-squat in Christmas 2015—and what better present to give one’s self in the festive period?

Down the years, an assortment of gifted and equally terrifying athletes have graced WWF and later WWE with the presences, men who had futures in bodybuilding if wrestling never worked out for them.

We may speculate on the authenticity of these athletes and just how genuine they are in a sport that’s mostly scripted or “fake,” but make no mistake—Cena is the real deal in every sense of the word.

It’s one thing to admire the wrestling superstars of today inside the ring, but this was a perfect example of Cena at his most raw—or raw with knee wraps if you want to get really technical.

Mark “Smelly” Bell is an ex-professional powerlifter, the owner of Team Super Training Gym and a “long-time friend” of Cena’s who was responsible for posting footage of this massive feat, who said:

I’m posting this video because I have the upmost respect for my long time friend John Cena’s dedication to the iron. John is never “too” busy to not be strong or not be in shape. With the amount of travel and big business that he does along with taking bumps in the ring it’s amazing he strong he is.

It really is a sight to behold and an achievement to commemorate, regardless of how one feels about the 39-year-old or his in-ring persona. A 611lb squat puts the Marine star in a very elite class, and considering he usually weighs in at around 251lbs (114kg), it’s all the more impressive.

In a 2015 photo shoot for Muscle and Fitness magazine, Cena allegedly hit 495lbs for a set of five, meaning his progress would appear to correlate and can therefore be treated as real.

Of course Cena would need power and real strength to do his job, but it’s easy to take for granted just how dedicated these monstrous and rather unique athlete/actors are in their trade.

Keep ’em coming, John.

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