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Video Update of Ronnie Coleman Killing His Workouts at age 52 - 2016!

Video Update of Ronnie Coleman Killing His Workouts at age 52 - 2016!

One of the most astonishing things about Coleman is that in recent years he underwent many medical surgeries, and yet he still trains like a complete beast. Of course, not so vigorously as before, but a lot harder than most other 52 years old folks who don’t exercise at all.

Unfortunately, his surgeries were needed because of his brute strength training methods from the past that only a few people in the world can repeat. However, when Coleman was asked if he knew about how many health problems he’ll need to face in the future, would he change something? He answered like a true champion; he said that he would train even harder.

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Here are some of the best Ronnie Coleman lifts through the years. 800 lbs squats, 2300 lbs leg press 200 lbs dumbbell bench press 800 lbs deadlifts !

As you can see, Coleman’s physical and mental strength was mind-blowing; and it still is! He isn’t scared of surgeries and how much pain he’ll need to withstand to continue training — it’s his passion, and he’ll do everything he needs to train again.

This can be easily understood by finding some of his quotes like “Go heavy or go home” and “The real workout starts when you want to stop it,” and many more like them that you only hear from hardcore guys like Coleman.

Also, he loves to spend time with his fans and younger bodybuilders who still appreciate him as a champion and are happy to hear his tips and inspirational words. So, no matter that Coleman was aware that he needed medical help, he still spent, and spends lots of time by helping those who look to him as an example.

Simply put, Ronnie isn’t just a regular bodybuilder who trains and helps less advanced lifters now and then, he as a bodybuilding-addict who spends his entire time on it. After all, when he isn’t in a hospital and feels better, he lifts.

Bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman is now 52 year's old and still training at the gym in 2016!

He trains more carefully than before, with less weight, and not with the form of his prime years, but this guy is worth appreciating and is a great example to those who due to lame reasons skip their training days.

Never skip your workouts, unless truly serious things happen. Instead of thinking about how hard training may be, remember why you started it and use it as a stimulus to continue training.

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