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The 10 Craziest Fitness Challenges That You Too Can Actually SignUp For Now

The 10 Craziest Fitness Challenges That You Too Can Actually SignUp For Now

For a long time, fitness was about being healthy. But now in the postmodern age, fitness is about pushing the limits in the most absurd and dangerous ways known to man. Why? We want to know what we’re made of. We want to prove that we’re brave. We want to tell our friends that we ran the Tough Guy Race and didn’t even cry once. That’s what fitness is about.

            Here are ten of the wildest fitness challenges that you can actually sign up for—if you’re crazy enough to.

1.      Ultra Beast

                        If you’re into fitness challenges, then chances are that you’ve heard of the Spartan Race, which is tough enough as it is, but the creators decided that it wasn’t good enough. As a result, the Ultra Beast was born. This race covers 60+ obstacles in 26+ miles. There aren’t many details about the Ultra Beast. The terms say that this is intentional. It is also intentional that they don’t provide you with a map. The Ultra Beast is a self-proclaimed exorcism and if that doesn’t frighten you, then you might be a little delusional.

2.      Tough Guy

                        There’s no way to sugarcoat it—this one is downright insane. The name is a bit misleading. Many tough guys signed up for Tough Guy and didn’t finish or they died. We’re serious. You have to sign a waiver before running this sadistic obstacle course in Staffordshire, England. The race is held during the winter, so after you run through freezing stretches of water and get tangled in barb wire, you can warm up by falling into the fire pits (which is apparently not recommended?).  Tough guy is all about conquering your fears, but that’s just a nice way of saying that they’re going to scare you to death. If you like to suffer, then Tough Guy is the right race for you.               

3.      Pike’s Peak Ascent

                        Pike’s Peak Ascent is tame. There’s no barbwire or crucial death waivers. It’s just you vs. the great outdoors. In this 10 mile run, you’ll traverse 6,000 feet up Pike’s Peak until you are under severe oxygen depletion. Sounds like fun.

4.      Plain 100

                        The Plain 100 is—you guessed it—a 100 mile race. It makes those mud and color runs look like child’s play. Only thirty-five people each year agree to be dropped out at the beginning of a remote trail. They are offered no support from inside or outside sources. If you drop out, you’re on your own. There are no rescue teams.

5.      The Death Race

                        Deep in the Green Mountains, racers gather for seventy hours despite having read the slogan “You May Die”. The Peak Death Race is composed of an unspecified number of obstacles and miles. They won’t tell you what’s in store except for death. Fortunately, some racers have spoiled the fun. The Death Race involves chopping wood, carrying heavy objects, swimming and, for the toughest of competitors, cutting onions.

6.      Race Across America

                        America is great. Why not see it all while simultaneously torturing yourself? Bring a couple of your most psychotic friends to Oceanside, California and then bike 3,000 miles to Annapolis, Maryland. In order to complete the ride in the required 12 days, you’ll have to bike 22 hours each day. That means that by the time you get home from seeing America, you’ll be nocturnal and they’ll be nothing you can do to fix it. Sign us up!

7.      Jungle Ultra

                        If the United States and England bore you, head out to the Peruvian Jungle for more than 142 miles of racing. The Jungle Ultra is another self-supported race—that means no nice girls handing out water bottles ten miles in. The great thing about this race is that there are bugs everywhere which will motivate you to fun faster and farther than ever before.

8.      The Badwater Ultramarathon

                        Starting off a race in California’s Death Valley doesn’t sound too foreboding. If you agree, you better pack some extra deodorant because Badwater takes place every July when high temperatures can reach up to 130° Fahrenheit. This race boasts 135 miles of continuous running. Badwater is so hardcore that only a fraction of the participants actually finish the race. Fortunately, the scenery is supposed to be gorgeous if you can keep the tears out of your eyes long enough to see.

9.      Ragner Relays

                        Are you not strong enough to make it through alone? You’re old grade-school friend is back—the relay race. By teams you can relay 200 miles of road. Each team member will run between 9-24 miles each day to keep up the pace. Or if you’re feeling daring, you can camp out with eight friends and take on a series of challenging forest trails together. The grueling part about this race is not getting mad at that one friend who can’t keep up.

10.  Marathon Des Sables

                        We’ve seen it all, but Marathon Des Sables might just kill you or put you into bankruptcy, it’s really a toss-up. If you have over three-thousand dollars for entry and enough for racing gear and airfare to Morocco, then what are you waiting for? You’re missing out on a delightful six days of 51 mile strolls through the Sahara Desert in 122° daytime temperatures.

            Fitness challenges are no joke. They’ll test your stamina as well as your strength. These challenges can also show you what you’re made of and boost your confidence. With that said, you should never attempt a fitness challenge unless you’re physically and mentally prepared for it. If you’re ready to lose your sanity deep in the Peruvian Jungles or waist deep in Vermont mud, then you can actually register for these ten crazy fitness challenges.


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