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Bostin Loyd's Raw Steroid Injection Footage

Bostin Loyd's Raw Steroid Injection Footage

In the raw video made for Members’ section and Forum, Bostin Loyd Walks us through his daily gear:

As you will see in the video below, he uses an 18 gauge syringe to draw 3ccs of Synthol per pec.

For his glutes alone he injects daily:

  • 1cc test e 250
  • 1cc masteron  200
  • 1cc eq eod 250
  • And another 2 cc's of other chemicals

One of his favorite drugs and most painful drugs is Testosterone Suspension, which he injects in his biceps (2ccs). The drug is felt within 45 hours and is said to be one of the most excruciatingly painful things. He says it’s just going to make him horny. Test suspension has thicker crystals that caused the needle to keep clogging. He has to repeatedly push and pull back in forth to get the chemicals in his arm.

He also usually shoots Synthol post workout

Injecting mid chest an inch down from the collarbone in the middle of the upper pec. He pounds it in and starts injecting the full 3 ccs.

He advises his clients to go through a loading phase 3times/ week first three weeks and then twice a week thereafter.

Bostin then wipes his bloody chest with a used towel. This guy is brutally honest about how he got where he is now.

The accumulated scar tissue in his muscles is so much he now has to use 23-inch gages

“Blood is normal, you’re going through vessels that’s normal”

Bostin shoots a syringe inside his quad after getting off his car, another in each pec, another in his stomach before hitting the gym for chest and shoulders.

Post workout, he takes a shot of HDH fragments in his stomach and shoots each pec again !

You can get a glimpse of his arsenal made of a dozen chemicals in his fridge  at 13:12 or check out one of the links below for his gear stock.

This is a snapshot of his 2014 drug cycle according to his Facebook page: 

Drug cycle:

  • 500 mgs test e eod
  • 300 mgs deca 3 x a week
  • 300 mgs eq eod
  • 200 mgs masteron e 3 x a week (first 8 weeks only)
  • 2.5 mg letrozole everyday
  • 6 iu gh....3 iu am before breakfast...another 3 iu mid day 5-6 hrs later
  • igf 1 lr3 100 mcgs post workout shot into a muscle trained
  • ghrp 6 250 mcg post workout and pre bed
  • cjc no dac 100 mcg pre bed w/ ghrp 6
  • Insulin(no insulin for first 8 weeks) (need to lose fat and harden up)

    Loyd doesn't encourage people to take steroids and he says so in the video, and neither do we. If you are still determined to use steroids to see faster and more impressive results, you should take the safe and legal alternative to anabolic steroids
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