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8 Reasons You Should DEFINITELY Skip Leg Day

8 Reasons You Should DEFINITELY Skip Leg Day

(1)- Overtraining

Think about it: you work your legs out every single day already. If you walked, ran, stood, sat on the toilet, or pressed down on the accelerator today, congratulations, your leg workout is complete. Hitting squats at the gym isn’t just redundant at this point, it’s dangerous – if you walked around on your hands all day long, there’s no way you’d be hitting arms after, would you? Didn’t think so. Pat yourself on the back and load up that bench press. 

(2)- Slim Fit Pants

Have you stepped foot in a J Crew/Polo/H&M lately? If so, you already know that the fashion industry has made its stance on jacked legs perfectly clear: there’s literally no room for them in 2016. Keep hitting legs 3x a week and before you know it you’re going to look like this every time you don a pair of pants. Super cute.

Not comfortable, huh?

Not comfortable, huh?

(3)- Balance

Well-developed legs tell the world a few things about you: you’re balanced, you do things the right way, you’re a hard worker, and a total fucking square. The guy with jacked legs colors inside the lines. He saves 1/3 of every paycheck. He gets 7 hours of sleep each night and probably has a number of interests that don’t involve lifting weights. WHO FINDS THAT ATTRACTIVE?!?! If my experience is any indicator, it’s definitely not members of the opposite sex. We’re attracted to danger. To the unconventional. To the people who buck the conventions of society. You want your body to be as dangerously imbalanced as you are, and you’re not going to get there by dedicating your time and energy to improving your calfs. Which have no chance of growing anyway.

(4)- Overshadowing Your Upper Body

Training legs is supposed to round out your body. It does, and it’s absolutely terrible. Nothing detracts from the years of hard work you put into developing your biceps like equally jacked legs. Why are you trying to draw attention away from the only muscles that actually matter?! There’s a reason super hot girls tend to only go out with their ugly friends: so they stand out even more. Don’t give the ugly girls of your body a makeover. Don’t train legs.

This guy knows what I’m talking about

(5)-  It’s Rude

Most of the standard leg exercises – like squats, deadlifts, and good mornings – can only be performed in the curl rack. You’re not just hurting your physique when you lift legs, you’re making yourself a gym pariah by preventing others from being able to work out muscles that actually matter. Like biceps. Stop being selfish. 

(6)- Crossfit

Crossfit places a heavy emphasis on training legs. Ipso facto, leg training – like rossfit - should be avoided like the plague. 

(7)-  It’s Unnatural

Which of these do you think looks better? Thought so. Nature looks better with skinny legs. So do you. 

(8)- The “Brofessor” Hates Leg Day

This guy is the authority on everything bodybuilding. Don’t go against his teachings.

Don't Be That Guy In The Gym

Don't Be That Guy In The Gym