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Hollywood's Most Shocking celebrity Fitness Transformation In History

Hollywood's Most Shocking celebrity Fitness Transformation In History

Celebrities seem to have it all, but one thing money can’t necessarily buy them is a sick (or sickly) bod—for that, they have to work out and eat right, just like us... even if they do get lots of help from personal trainers and chefs. Whether it be for an Oscar-worthy movie role, to fight obesity or to battle diabetes, these stars got serious about their shape with extreme diet and fitness. Here’s how they got those famous bodies.

Jake Gyllenhaal

What He Did: Gyllenhaal gained 30 pounds and 15 pounds of muscle. Why He Did It: To look and play the role of a world-champion boxer in the film SouthpawWhat He Ate: Fortunately, he didn’t have to go on a strict diet since he was working out like a beast. He simply ate carbs during the day and protein at night. His Workout: At the beginning, Gyllenhaal worked out 3 hours a day. According to Yahoo, “After two months, the workouts got pushed to six hours a day: Three hours of boxing in the morning and three hours of strengthening, conditioning, and cardio at night.” Plus: According to the film’s director, he was spending so much time in the gym and was so committed to the role that his relationship with Alyssa Miller ended. Jake Says: "The amount of time you have to put into it, the sacrifice that you put into your body, it's not something that you're eager to do again. It's a huge commitment." Difficulty Level: 8

Christian Bale

What He Did: Bale dropped from 180 pounds to about 120 pounds. Then he bulked back up to 220 pounds. Why He Did It: To portray an anorexic, insomniac factory worker in The Machinist, then he got strong again to be Batman in The Dark Knight. What He Ate: To lose the weight, Bale went into starvation mode, eating a can of tuna, an apple and... nothing else. Every day. His Workout: To beef up after deflating himself for The Machinist, Bale had to kick-start his metabolism, which had been destroyed after starving himself. He used intense weight workouts, resistance weight training and plyometric circuit training, adding in martial arts training and lots of sprints, lunges, squats, chin-ups and high pulls. Plus: Bale wanted to get down to 100 pounds for The Machinist, but the movie producers told him it would be too detrimental to his health. Christian Says: “I'd done American Psycho and I bulked up purely for that part. But people start just going, 'Oh yeah, that guy's a real workout fanatic,' and that's not me, that's Patrick Bateman. It was a nice way to kill that dead by just destroying your body completely.” Difficulty Level: 10

Gerard Butler

What He Did: Worked out intensely for four months, getting in sick, warrior shape, completely transforming his body and mind. Why He Did It: For his role as King Leonidas in 300. What He Ate: Butler watched what he ate, making sure to fuel up every couple of hours His Workout:The 300-rep Spartan workout: 25 pull ups, 50 dead lifts with 135 pounds, 50 push-ups, 50 jumps on a 24-inch box, 50 floor wipers, 50 single-arm clean-and-presses using a 36-pound kettlebell and 25 more pull-ups (with no rest in between). For dessert, he’d engage in intense exercises like tire flipping and gymnastics-style ring training. Plus: This routine is efficient but tough to keep up—after filming, Bulter went cold turkey on exercising and lost all the muscle. Now he just tries to keep things balanced with healthy eating and workouts that aren’t just fit for a king. Gerard Says: “That was a great thing, to put on that cape and put on that helmet and not have to think, 'Shit, I should have trained more.' Instead, I was standing there feeling like a lion.” Difficulty Level: 9

Bradly Cooper

What He Did: Whipped himself into shape, piling on muscle and losing fat. Why He Did It: For his role as Templeton 'Faceman' Peck in The A-Team. What He Ate: Cooper nixed all sugar, salt and flour and eliminated sandwiches, although he jokes that he got around that by taking grapes and putting an almond in between. His diet allowed him to sculpt a tight midsection and eliminate stubborn fat. His Workout: He spent two hours a day in the gym with a personal trainer doing lots of strength and core training. He used the ‘3-2-1 Method’—that’s three cardio circuits, two strength training circuits and one core workout, each for 10 minutes. Also: speed-hiking up a famous trail in Vancouver that locals call "The Grind." Plus: To boost his weight loss, Cooper gave up booze to cut calories and feel more energized for his ass-kicking workouts early in the morning. Bradley Says: “It was the worst but I would still make sandwiches. I would like cut a grape in half—this is so depressing—and I would put an almond inside, you know, to make a little sandwich. It was my big treat.” Difficulty Level: 6

Chris Hemsworth

What He Did: Hemsworth packed on 20 pounds of muscle by eating constantly. Why He Did It:For his role as Thor in the action-packed blockbuster Thor. What He Ate: Hemsworth opted for high-protein foods, but also relied on non-processed carbs like fruits to help rebuild muscle by slowing muscle protein breakdown. Fiber-rich vegetables helped his cardiovascular health and muscle recovery. He made sure that what he was eating counted, eating quinoa instead of rice since it has protein, healthy fats and fewer carbs. His Workout: Before Thor, sports like surfing, boxing and rugby kept Hemsworth fit. But for the movie, he started getting serious about lifting, varying weight, reps and speed so that his muscles never got used to workouts. Even minor changes, such as swapping hand placement on a pull-up, can stimulate muscles in new ways. In fact, mixing things up is important no matter what kind of muscle gain you're looking for. Plus: Hemsworth bulked up so much that he didn’t fit in any of his costumes. Chris Says: "I feel as if I've been busy, but all I've been doing is eating all day. Eating when you're not hungry and taking in that amount of food is exhausting." Difficulty Level: 6

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